Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little of this and a little of that.....

Our soldier has arrived!!!!
My bro~n~law just arrived from Iraq!!!!
We have been on pins and needles! His flight was due yesterday and never showed up!!! We really went to bed last night not knowing where he was! He was on "lock down" and we did not know it! We are so grateful for his arrival!!! It was important for him to see his Mom...soon!!!
Dorothy update~
Tests showed that Dorothy had a mild stroke two weeks ago. She is still holding her own! It's been 2 yrs. since she has seen Matt! What a great reunion!!!
Welcome home Matt!!!
Grandma update~
My Grandma is still hangin in there! We have had an exhausting week! (My poor Mom!) There really has been no change. The hospice nurse comes in tomorrow and we are anxious to hear what she has to say! Thanks to all of you who have called, emailed and asked about her!

And my AC is on it's last leg!!!
Yesterday, the darn thing froze up!!! It was 89 inside my house!!! I was a BEAR!!! For real!!! We have been thinking about camping in a tent! Well, I failed the tent test!!!! No camping in Texas during the summer for me!!! These boys can go without me or wait until it cools off! Afew weeks ago, I saw a church sign that read, " If you think this is HOT....what is HELL gonna be like?" Well, I thought about that yesterday!!! HA!
So, we will be getting a new AC in our near future! Maybe next summer!!! Yippy Skippy!!!

I am looking forward to Saturday!!!
Wanna know why????
I get to meet Heather, over at All Things Hendrick!!!!!
I'm going to her coupon class!!!
We are going to cut coupons, swap coupons, learn coupons, breath coupons.....and I'm soooo excited!!!!
Can't wait to learn how this girl buys sooooo much for not a lot!
We are going Krogerin!!!!
Enjoy your last few days of summer!!!!!!
I know I am!!!!


Sew Cute!! said...

where is this coupon class??
Do you have any details??

Carrie said...

Hey Brandy! Denise and I are going to Heather's in BCS on Sat. from 9-12 and then to Krogers! Visit Heather's blog for details!

ko said...

so glad he made it! That must have been scary! SOrry about the AC...when it rains it pours....we will keep on prayin for the grandmas.