Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the couch to a 5K in 9 wks......

OK....let's talk!
I hate exercise...hate it!!!
Always have!!!
BUT, I'm reaching an age where I just don't have much of a choice!!! Before babies, I was little bitty!!! Not anymore and I know that it's because of my lack of exercise! I have been really hard on myself lately and to top it whole family is running and training for marathons!!! On both sister~n~law, husband, sister, brother~n~law and soon to be sister~n~law (hopefully)!!!!! Everyone is running and I'm feeling a bit left out!!!
So, I'm giving into peer pressure!!!
I have been walking regularly for the past few weeks...2 & 3 miles.
(drum roll please!)
Today I started....from the couch to a 5K in 9 wks!!!
This is a training program that my sister used and swears by it!!!
Go to here and check it out!
OK....who's going to join me?????
Mushroom Festival is in 8 wks.!!!!
Denise and I have found a house where they run the sprinklers in the mornings.....perfect for beginning runners!!!! HA! Denise did it this morning...I may join her tomorrow!!!


Lisa T. said...

can't even begin to express how proud i am of you. so what is the date of the mushroom festival? i want to put it on the calendar so we can do it together. how fun would that be, seriously!

Erica said...

You go girl!

Farmgirl Paints said...

You can do it girl. Just follow a training program and work up to it. I'm really proud of you. I run all the time...inside! And I've never done a race.

Renee said...
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