Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dadgum... Madison County Fair...Here we come! Yeehaw!!!

We have lots of work to do!!! My daughter-n-laws will LOVE me someday because my boys are going to know how to cook!

This recipe calls for lots of orange zesting per Paula Dean!

Beautiful oranges for our Orange Citrus Bars!!!!

Peyton toasted almonds for his Old Time Butter Crunch Candy! Yum~Yum!

Garet hard at work on his Pecan Toffee Tassies!

This kid is the hardest kid to take pictures of!!! It's so frustrating! My neighbors probably hear me every time I get the camera out! Look at the camera! Smile! Open your eyes! Smile with your eyes open for goodness sakes! How does Shauna Maness do it? I'm no photographer!

My little stubborn Pillsbury Dough Boy!

The boys proud of their finished products! We hope all of our hard work pays off! Wish us luck!

My little Picasso... Garet, is enjoying art this year! There were six students chosen from the Intermediate School to have their drawings entered into The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Garet was one of the six students! He named his picture, "Sunrise Cowboy". It didn't place, but he received a beautiful ribbon! He also entered it here in Madisonville and it won Grand prize!!! So, he will be receiving a scholarship at the end of the year! Go Garet!

Thank you Jesus for all of our fun blue ribbons! I have no idea how to turn this pic! Can someone help a sister out?
It's Fair time!!! One of my most favorite times of the year! We were going to attempt animals this year, but it didn't work out that way! BUT, I love to cook and bake and I hope to pass that onto my boys someday! There is nothing better than a large glass of sweet lemon tea and a good ole cookbook!!! One of my favorite pastimes! Searching for wonderful recipes to share with family and friends! We worked our tail off this year! We spread our baking out over three days! My house looks like a bakery! Have a sweet tooth? Stop on by and I'll send a plate with you! I love entering good recipes and it's always fun to WIN!!! Our hard work paid off... Thanks to the good Lord! Here were our results:
Orange Citrus Bars - Reserve
Pecan Toffee Tassies - First Place
Old Time Butter Crunch Candy - First Place
Banana Nut Bread Butter - Second Place
Texas Cornbread - Fifth Place
Pineapple Cheese Bread - Fifth Place
Peanut Butter Candy Bar Brownies - Participant
We are really not bragging! We are just soooo excited! If you are not involved, get involved! We had two years with nothing but green ribbons! We did not give up! It's a learning process! If you place Grand, Reserve, or first you go on to the big auction! The auction is next Monday night. So... we have lots of work to do! Here is an assignment for all of you creative people! Garet is selling his orange citrus bars and Peyton is selling old time butter crunch candy! I have to come up with adorable ways to display them. Themed buckets, containers, etc. Any ideas? Please help!


teresa said...

You could go to HomeDepot, Lowe's or feed store and get those silver buckets to put the candy in. As for the bars, are you leaving them in the pan? Congratulations!!!

Sandel said...

I am so very proud of you all. How exciting!!!!! The pictures are great and I would love to help you rotate the photo so you can show off your blue ribbons. Love ya

The Three of Us said...

Loved seeing the pics. I'm so proud of you guys. Wish I picked up the baking gene in the family. I'm afraid Cole will not be experiencing the baking competition in his future. Looking forward to next weeks showing. So wish we could be there.

Lacy said...

Loved getting to see you today! It was fun visiting and it just felt right. Congrats again on the awards.I envy your talent!:)

Erica said...

Yay for doing so good in the fair! I love the picture of Peyton with his little apron and chef hat on!