Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter 2008

Easter was spent with family and friends! It was a beautiful, sunny day! It was a nice time of reflecting on my Lord and Saviour... Jesus Christ! Because of the sacrifice that he made... we have HOPE! Even on the darkest days! Even in the worst of circumstances! Through all kinds of situations....death, sickness, times of change,trials, tragedies, abuse, divorce, times of loneliness and rejection! As Christians... we have HOPE! That is what Easter is all about to me! Thank you Jesus!

Coloring Easter eggs! Where in the world did it go?

Easter morning 2008! Look what the Easter Bunny brought!

Look at all of those EGG HEADS!!! I think I drive our family CRAZY!!!! I'm the "Game girl"! I hate it when we all get together and everyone thinks they can eat, sleep and watch the ballgame! How boring is that!? I made everyone come outside and we had an EGG-Cellent time with EGGS!!! We did afew fun games with eggs! They were so mad at me b/c I was taking pics instead of playing! They do look kinda funny! If you drove by 310 N. Shipp, you probably got a big kick! If they mess with me anymore... next year I will make them do potato sack races! HA!

"Don't kiss me! We're cousins!" Garet was serious about this!

Robert says, "Honey, we can do this!"

"This is silly Dad!"

No one wanted to take pics! Can you tell?


The Three of Us said...

Missed you guys on Easter. What a good lookin' fam and boy Auburn you clean up so well!

ko said...


Lacie said...

Hey stranger... how did you get all three of those boys to sit and pose for a picture? I need to know the trick! Cute pics! I love your new hair-do too! Smiles.. Lacie