Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I'm wanting to do BLACK KITCHEN CABINETS!!!!!!!!!
(i'm kind of the "black sheep" of the family! I know that is so hard to believe!)
What do you think?????


Jana Corley said...

I love them. Especially with a really bright vibrant color on the walls.

Kathy said...

well it would help if would come see the house they're goin in :) I love the top two but I bet any of them will look GREAT! so excited for you.

Lisa Mae said...

yes most definitely. i like! i agree though you will want the coutertop, backsplash, and wall color to be softer/lighter to lighten the area up. how is the kitchen and surrounding area as far as windows? is there a lot of natural light?

missy said...

Love the idea of black cabinets!! Wanted to do that when we remodeled, but ended up with a mustard color, but black/brown countertops. LOVE the contrast of the colors together!