Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hi folks!!!
I'm still here....barely!
Many of you are asking.....
Have yall moved yet?
What's the hold up???
Survey and title stuff!!!!
When is closing??
Sept. 24th ~ "the latest"
Is the house done???
NO!!! 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms down...the rest of the house is BARE!!!
Like....concrete floors bare!!!
Where in the world have you been????
(drum roll please!)
at the High School!!!!
My goal was to work wherever I was needed!!! The sweet art teacher had a horse accident and I have been trying to fill her shoes for 2 wks.!
I have definitely stepped out of my "comfort zone"! ha!

I've seen a LOT of this!!!! I've been asked if I know how to do "the jerk"!!!
I have to guard the spray paint!!!!
Everyday someone asks me how old I am and if I'm married????
I've had to inform them that I'm old enough to be their mother (a very young mother, ha!) and I'm very married!!!
There has probably been a lot of this behind my back!!!!
It feels sooooo strange! It feels like just yesterday I was in High School and I've almost been out 20 years!!!! 20 years!!!! How time flies!!!
and boy have things changed!!!
My house is filthy and we have been living out of boxes for a month and I really just want to be settled, BUT I'm so glad that God has blessed me with work!
TGIF!!!!!!! (almost)