Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Casting Crowns ROCK College Station.....

Take 1!
Take 2!
Take 3...
This is as good as it gets!
I love these girls!!!
What a great night!
I even stayed up way past my 9:00 bedtime!
I'm getting so old!

This is Casting Crowns! If you don't know who they are....go look them up!
If you don't listen to Christian music....just try it! You might like it!
These guys are amazing!
They will bless your heart!
This concert was simply amazing!
I think this is what Heaven is going to be like!!!


Dreams of a Country Girl said...

i want to be your friend.


Cherie Spangler said...

Haha, cracks me up--what about those bunny ears in take three :)
What a great night! I love Casting Crowns and the love they have for the Lord, it comes out in each song.