Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Women Of Faith 2009 ~ A Grand New Day!!!!

Last weekend, I attended WOF 2009 in Houston with a large group of ladies from our church and community!!! I love WOF!!! It's a great time of reflection and FUN!!!
The leader of the pack!!!
Thank you Donna for all that you do!!!!
It's always a great time with Patsy Clairemont, Lisa Harper, Marilyn Meberg, Sheila Walsh and Lisa Welchel!!!!! What a blessing!!!!
I was soooo glad that Denise and Robin got to experience WOF together for the first time!!!!
It's always a grand new day with the Lord!!!
The worship team was amazing!!!!!
Freak! I behaved myself.....others did NOT!!!
Hi Lisa!!!
We danced!!!
We had some SOUL!!!!!
We rocked out with some Nicole C. Mullen......
and Steven Curtis Chapman!!!!!!!!!!!
What a treat!!!!
It's amazing to see how God can take tragedy and turn it into triumph!!!
If you do not know Steven Curtis Chapman's story, you must read up on it!!!
Pretty girls!!!
Not even a pacemaker kept Crystal away from this weekend!!!!
OK....So we sing, worship, listen, learn and EAT!!!!
Got Crabs???
Bro. Troy, I can explain!!! Cherie was not drinking Coronas on our trip! But, it was her birthday and she was shaking everything but the salt and pepper shaker!!!
(I can not explain the dribble down the front of her! ha)

You MUST come to WOF next year to learn more about things like this!!!!
WOF 2010 is in San Antonio!!!
On a more serious note...... I was changing this weekend!!!
Women Of Faith teams up with World Vision.
The weekend was packed with testimonies and videos of a lost, starving and dying world! Heart wrenching stories! Stories that will leave you thinking...."What can I do?" After hearing one particular testimony from a Polish woman I decided there was something I could do!!!
This Polish woman was actually a World Vision child and now she works on the Women Of Faith staff!!! Someone sponsored her and changed her life! Now she is here in America giving back because someone gave to her!!!! In her darkest hour, she only had 4 colors to play with. She only thought there were 4 colors and her sponsor family sent her a huge package of markers and it changed her world!!! Something as simple as a package of markers!!!
So, I took my little girl and ran to the World Vision booth!
I now have a little girl!
My hope and prayer is that my little girls life will be changed forever because of God's love!
I've always made up excuses in the past.....we don't have extra money, don't have time, blah~blah~blah!!!
Her sweet picture hangs on our refrigerator as a reminder that we are so blessed!
My oldest son wanted to know if I was sure she was a girl! We will be sending her boxes of pink girly things!!! ha!
My youngest wanted to know if she was going to be getting on an airplane to come live with us.....I wish!!!! After sponsoring our little girl, I was reading one of my favorite blogs....Kellys Korner and she actually had the opportunity to meet a girl she has been sponsoring this past month!!! I cried!!! Maybe someday I will make it to Zimbabwe....Lord willing!!!!
Go to World Vision and sponsor a child, buy a goat or a chicken!!!!