Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I have a MILLION projects that I would like to do this summer!

I got started yesterday!

I found these frames in the shed/shop/barn when we moved in the fall!

I wish I had a true "before" pic, but my husband didn't wait for me to take a pic.

They had ugly pics in they, BUT I love the frames!

There are 2 of them and I have BIG plans for them!

So much character and detail!
I didn't take a pic of me painting! Oops!
I would've spray painted, but I already had fun paint. So....I used what I had!
I went to the hardware store and bought some screen for $1.45.
We stapled the screen to the back of the frame!
I used these little babies for hooks!!!!

and TA~DA!!!!!!!
My new jewelry frame!
I LOVE IT!!!!!
It adds lots of character to my room!
Everything is organized and right where I can see it!
Now....onto my next project!
Working on my room this week!


Jana Corley said...

Cute!!!! Those frames are pretty cool!

Lisa Mae said...

darling carrie! just darling!

Life Under Construction said...

You should have your own TV show. You are so talented!