Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MAY IN PICS....(lots of pics)

Cade Hershel Miller is here!

Born May 6!

(My newest nephew!)

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

(We brought Cade home from hospital on Mother's Day! It was special!)
It was our first Mother's Day without my Mom~N~Law.
The boys set her headstone Mother's Day weekend.

Isn't it beautiful?
In her memory, my sis & bro~n~law prepared a crawfish boil!
A HUGE crawfish boil!
Crawfish, shrimp, sausage....O MY!
We spent the weekend with family!

Crazy family!

Thanks for being such a gracious hostess Ang!


My son was Daddy Warbucks in Annie!

He did amazing!

Drama King!

Honor Society induction!

8th grd. here we come!

The kids have had an amazing year!

I'm so grateful!

My little lion!

He looks ferocious, huh?

Field Day!

Baseball games!!!

Baseball friends!

Our team came in 2nd! Go Iron Pigs! (Yep, you heard me right....Iron Pigs!)

Our garden is doing great considering we have had very little to no rain!


Look at these babies! MY FAV!!!!!

Happy SUMMA TIME!!!!!!


Lisa Mae said...

iron pigs?!?! and look at that garden...wowzers!