Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shop 4 Lease....

Hey Family and Friends.....
I'm needing another favor...ha!
Since our house sold in one week by spreading the word via email...I thought, "What the heck...we will give this another try!" Thank you sweet Julie!!!

If you are in or around our area, we have a large SHOP for lease!
This shop was owned by Buck Bailey and was the electric co. back in the 80's &90's. They
officed out of this building for 25 yrs. and had over 50 employees. With all of that said, the building has great potential and is just waiting for the right person to come along!

The large bay is 30X32 with two full bay doors.
There are two smaller bays that are 20X32.
We actually have the potential to lease all of it or just some of it. It has 3 different sections!
There is plenty of office space, a small kitchen and bathroom.
There is tons of room outside to move trucks or equipment around.
The shop has it's own driveway with locked gate!
There will also be 4 full~time security officers on duty at all time with no extra charge...ha!
I may even occasionally bake goodies for ya!

If you are interested or know of anyone who may be, please email me carrieboog@yahoo.com.
There are zoning laws and we can discuss that with you when you call.
It's just really important to us who we lease to. Whoever it is will be on our property and around our boys. We just know that God has the right person with the right business!
Thanks so much for getting the word out and keeping us in mind!