Monday, August 30, 2010


Got new potties! They are in the kitchen, but...we have them!
(Like my kitchen floor???)
Don't judge me!
I love it!
Bathrooms are tiled!!!
Grout will finish it up tomorrow!!!
Bead favorite!!!
I am madly in love with my floor!!!
I see a light at the end of the tunnel! It's small, but I see it!
I so wish I had a crew like on DIY or HGTV!!
They always make things look soooo easy!!! They zip things out in one day!!! They never run into problems!!!
After all.....They are the PROS and we are NOT!!!!!


Lacy said...

Yah Carrie...keep em comin!! Good work...cant wait for more!

Lisa Mae said...

Love it! What is the striped fabric and green wall? where is that? did u guys go with the tile that looks like wood in that last pick? and love that bead board. who did that?

Carrie said...

Thanks Lacy!
Lisa Mae, I've been waiting for you all day! The stripes are the boys shower curtain. The green is the hall/boys bath. The wood floors are not the tile like Mom's. They are Pergo laminate. I love them. They are gorgeous. Real similar to Mom's. We are going to do the living area in that as well. Auburn did my bead board! He did good, huh?

Lisa Mae said...

That is one fine elongated toilet. Jeff

Lisa Mae said...

Girl, you did good! Love it all and especially those wood floors. Beautiful! Can't wait to see in person sister!

Lisa Mae said...

where is the bead board?

Jana Corley said...

It's looking great!