Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Game from @%$#^%&*............

We were all smiles before the game! I'm not sure what the heck happened to the Blue Sharks! We hope we do not have another game like this one anytime soon! If we do, we are going for rita's afterwards! Tee-Hee!!
Go Blue Sharks!

Best buds... Peyton and Tater!

Cute Tyler was much more interested in flower pickin and babies! Ty took the week off and hung out with Dad! Cady had a great game and tried hard to pick up the slack from her teamates! Thanks Cady!

Poor Emma got bumped during the game and didn't want anything to do with soccer after that!

Last week Peyton had a great game! He scored several times and thought he knew what he was doing! This week Yellow #4 wouldn't let him pass her. So... during kick off, Peyton raised his fist to her and said, "Girl, I'm going to get you!" We had to have a talk about sportsmanship and this was his "look"!

Every time the Yellow team scored, Brianna wailed and threw a fit! This was her "look"!

That was absolutely exhausting!

"Is this game ever going to END?"


The Three of Us said...

This post with your comments is totally cracking me up!!!!!

Erica said...

Oh my gosh girl you crack me up!

Rikki Killough said...

Oh My Gosh, It was way funnier on the Blog than in real life!! That is histerical! It was a rough day, but Saturday is a new day!! We are Superstars!!!!!11
Love Rikki

ko said...