Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drought.....The Worst In Texas History!

Wanna know what a Texas drought looks like?

The worst in history?
It's sad!
All of that green in the distance use to be part of the lake!

It's scary!
Tires at the bottom of the lake!

It's extreme!

I remember a time when I was worried my boys would fall off the dock into the water!!!!

What water?

It's sooooo freakin HOT!!!!

Tire tracks where there use to be a lake!

It's depressing!

My heart longs for cooler day....the smell of rain....

to hear raindrops falling off the roof!!!

Our beautiful, big, green fried!!!!!

It is a thang of the past!!!!!


Father God,

Please send your rain!!!

Rain to replenish, refresh, renew!!!

We need it in a desperate way!