Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cousin Camp! :)

My sister came for a visit! She doesn't live close! :(

We only see each other afew times a year! So...we have to live it up!

(It's HARD to live it up with little peeps! She was here for a week

and we feel like we didn't visit AT ALL!)

It's like an OVEN outside here in Texas!

You will FRY if you stay out to long!

We visited the library!

The little boys had fun!
Big boy did NOT! haha!!!

We visited the mall, played on the germ tree & rode the carousel!

My sister belted wild man on!!!!!

We visited Sam Moon!!!!! for afew hours!!!! :)

(My sister says I look like a pole dancer!)

We played with our new baby cousin!

We went to the museum!

Played lots of video games!!!!

All five of our boys!!!!

We visited the Market Street !!!!

Hung out with Mimi!!!!!

Played in the water spouts!!!

We were at the first movie for Cars 2!!!!!!


Our time always seems sooooo short, BUT we will take what we can get!!!!

We LOVE our cousins!!!!!!



Lisa Mae said...

Look at you bloggin' away!?! you got your cousin camp pics up before me....u go workin' gal! what a great week it was!