Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm having an affair.....

With my big, handsome, glorious new RUG!!!!
He's EVERYTHING I hoped he would be!!!
He's just the right color!!!
He's just my style!!!!
I know we are gonna live happily ever after!!!!
Picked him out at Target!!!
I just love how he turned out!
Getting ready to have 5 7th & 8th grd. GIRLS in my house this weekend for Disciple Now!!!
Wish me LUCK!!!


Erica said...

Love the rug!

Brandy said...

Love the rug! I have the cream one with the reds and blues..
BUT not to break up your affair, he does shed! Alot. Im always sweeping up these wool pieces that look like fuzz off of our floor. Other than that, I love him too!!!