Saturday, January 8, 2011

Highlights of 2010!!!

The Lord has taught me GREAT things this year on FORGIVENESS!!!! He has set me free from anger, resentment and bitterness!!! Unforgiveness is NOT standing in the way of my relationship with my Savior!! He has brought me full circle this year! Thank you Lord!
It snowed!!!
We make a really big deal about snow in TEXAS!!!!
My big guy placed in the Madison County Fair with his pineapple preserves!!! My daughter~n~laws are gonna love me some day! Thanks to our supportive community, he was able to put some money in his college fund! That's always nice!

My little guy played T~ball for the first time and LOVED it!!!

Last Spring, I was inspired by my SIL to become involved in the fight against cancer! I recruited some of my closest friends and we spent months raising money for The American Cancer Society.

We didn't know that we would be loosing Mama Rose less than 2 months later!
My oldest turned 13!!!
A teenager is in the house!!!
First of all, I'm NOT old enough to have a TEENAGER!!!! It's the strangest thing to watch your son go from a kid to a young adult over night!!!! To hear his voice totally CHANGE and see him start SHAVING!!!!! What???? My boy makes my proud!!! He has had an amazing year!!! He is finding himself!!!! He is making great grades, metaled several times in cross country and he has a passion for band and theater!!!! ( I just needed to brag on him!!!) I know that the next 4 yrs. are gonna fly and I'm just trying to hold onto every minute I can!!!

My family went to Mexico this summer!!!
We are so grateful God gave us this opportunity!!!

My Mom, sister and I went to Fredricksburg in the Spring!!!
Girl weekends are ALWAYS FUN....especially with the ones you LOVE!!!!
2010 has been BUSY, CRAZY, lots of CHANGE!!!! Do I need to remind you.....I'm not good with change!!!! 2010 has brought happy times, but we had our share of pain, suffering and tears this year as well!! We lost an amazing lady this year!!! My wonderful Mother~N~Law lost her 12 yr. battle with cancer in July. We have begun our year of 1st's. First birthdays, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas without our sweet Mom!!! We are holding on to the many memories we have of her!!! Her shoes can never be filled, but her spirit lives on!!

We bought our house on a hill! ha!
We gutted it and the remodeling continues....sigh!!!
It has tons of potential!!!
We are busy loving on it and can't wait to see the finished results!!!

We celebrated 14 yrs. of marriage! What a wild ride it has been!

My baby turned 7!
7 has been sooooo different! He's not a baby anymore! He's this KID running around here! He seems so BIG and GROWNUP!!! I'm sure it has nothing to do with growing 6 inches in one year and being atleast a foot taller than everyone in his class!!!
No matter how big he gets...he's still my baby!!!

We celebrated at the park with friends!
Thank you God for all of our amazing friends!!!
We have been surrounded by wonderful FRIENDS this year!!!

I have a new sister!!!!
My little brother was married in Dec.!
My new SNL is amazing!!!
She's beautiful inside and out!!!
She's a great addition to the family!!!!

My HOPES and GOALS for 2011........

*Work on my prayers!!!*
*Be more intentional with my relationships!!! Be a better wife, mom, neighbor, friend, daughter and sister!!!*
*Join Weight Watchers and loose 10-15 pounds this year!!!!*
*Get a FULLTIME job....yikes!!! Starting on my resume shortly!!!*
*Make my house a HOME!!!!! Finish unpacking and decorating my HOME!!*
*Lease our huge shop!*
*Learn to love excercise!!!*
*Learn to manage my time wisely!!!*
*I'm gonna continue to strive to be Jesus hands and feet in 2011!!!*
*Praying for continued healing and unity in my family this year!!!*
*Looking soooo forward to meeting
Cade Hershel Miller in May!!!
(Another BOY!)*

Happy 2011 EVERYONE!!!!


Lisa Mae said...

i absolutely LOVE this post. i love doing the looking back post each year myself. such a fun time to reflect. i'm trying to get caught up on the month of december before i do my walk thru. is that how you spell hershall? i thought it was hershel. if so someone needs to let coy and steph know because that is how steph told me to spell it.

Carrie said...

Your right....oops!

Teresa said...

What a wonderful year you've had. Isn't it wonderful to live in a houseful of boys?! Crazy at times, but I wouldn't change it for anything. What wonderful young men you've got. Your future daughters-in-law WILL love you for the fellas you've raised. My baby is 16, so I'm a bit panicked about time passing too quickly!
I hope 2011 brings wonderful things to your family!