Friday, November 19, 2010

Our journey....where we've been and where we are headin!

(Hall bath ~ BEFORE)
Blogging can be sooooo intimidating sometimes because a lot of bloggers are PERFECT!!!
Their pictures are perfect! Their homes are perfect! Their ideas are perfect!!!
I'm just not perfect!
But, I want to journal our progress!
The house is not finished, but we are getting there!!! Looking at these pics helps me A LOT!!!
Wow.....we have done tons!!!
I have not really started decorating! I only have 3 things hanging on my walls! Remodeling a house takes's a process! I don't have some of my overhead lighting, some of my pics are dark! I'll take completed pics when we are done! All done!
Hall bath ~ BEFORE
Hall bath ~ BEFORE
O WOW.......
Hall bath ~ DURING!!!!
Still to do.....switch out facet, hang LARGE mirror I bought at Kirklands yesterday and hang light fixture!
I heart my knobs!!!
Living area ~ BEFORE!!!
Living area ~ During
Still to do.....hang fans, wood blinds and molding! Decorate!!!!
Kitchen, dining and living area....BEFORE!!!!!
Living and dining area....DURING!!!
Still to, blinds and molding!!! Decorate!!!
It's so dark and I'm so sorry!
Can you tell a difference???
Still to do.....
Appliances this week!!!!! more going out on the porch to get the milk!!!!
Cabinet doors are going on this weekend!!!! No more open concept!!!
Lighting, counter tops and facet!
Eventually, a LARGE island!!!!
Look at these cute babies!!! Love them!!!
If you do life with me on a daily basis and you have noticed me being a little more "blonde" than usual............NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY???????
You can't see bedrooms until the summer!!!!!


Lisa Mae said...

It is absolutely amazing what you guys have done. you should be so, so proud! you guys should go into business. :)
oh, and i LOVE those new knobs for the kitchen. so fun!

Sada said...

Girl -- I love it! What an accomplishment & investment. Beautiful! Can't wait to see more.

Erica said...

It looks awesome so far! Can't wait to see it in person!

Lacy said...

Looks awesome...loove the color choices and you should be proud and it is perfect! Especially since you did it!