Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well, the secret is out! We are moving...right down the street!
This is a home that one of my dear friends grew up in. Both of her parents have died in the past few years and the time had come for them to sell it.
I wasn't looking to move anywhere, but the Lord opened doors and we have been blessed!
This home was owned by one loving family...lots of lovin going on here!
The home has been empty for awhile and needs lots of lovin itself!
Did I mention that it has NEVER been updated???? Did I mention we have LOTS of work to do???? and I mean LOTS????
This is the drive that goes to the shop~"MAN CAVE"!!!

My boys working hard!!!! ha...they REALLY wanted their pic taken!!!
The HUGE garden and another view of the "MAN CAVE"!!!
Too bad the gardener doesn't come with the sell of the house.
You can't really tell, but this garden is HUGE!
He is in the middle of planting.
Our green house and workshop!
I can NOT wait to get some grass growing!!!
View from our back door!
I can NOT wait to have my flag flyin on that flagpole!!!'s day 2 of renovations! Yesterday was great, but today has been a day from
H_ _ L!! In the middle of my Mom~N~Law being sick, we have had to make huge decisions. I had to go to Home Depot by myself and start purchasing paint. I was soooooo overwhelmed!!! I just wanted a nice neutral color for the back of the house. Don't get my wrong....this girl loves COLOR, but with time and circumstances....I was going to add accent walls as we go. I bought 5 gallons of paint. (First mistake) It's called porcelain skin. Well, yesterday a friend said it's nice, but it looks peach and my husband agreed. I ignored them both and kept painting. (Second mistake.) Today, a dear sweet friend comes by....stands there....and says, "It's peach". Her husband comes in....she kindly asks, "What color is that to you?"....."It's peach."
I'm now crying peach tears. I have carpal tunnel and I feel like I've done 5,000 squats!
I need some peach schnapps and my sister! My sister is brilliant at this b/c she's moved 3 million times and has had lots of practice!
Lisa, I miss you....I need you!!! Won't you please come stay the next 6 wks. with me????
Stay tuned.....I'm SURE this is gonna be FUN!!!!!!!


Denise Ferguson said...

Hey Carrie, at least it's not dark anymore! You need to have a painting party now and invite your buddies over, then you can have a peachy......time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Mae said...

in that last picture it doesn't look peachy at all. i so wish i was only a hop skip and a jump away sister.

Carrie said...

Denise Ferguson???? Girl....I miss you!!!! How are you???? If you get bored....just stop by! I would love to see you!

jennifer c said...

That looks so exciting. I'm really happy for y'all. It will all work out and be just as cute as your other house before long. No worries!

Erica said...

It doesn't look peach to me in the picture. Girl I know painting and all is A LOT of work! Take some breaks!

Brandy said...

If you get rid of those bananna trees, give me a call!

Jeffrey said...

looks awesome..that shop is great..I see cool things going down there.