Friday, December 28, 2007

My Little Soldier Turns 4!

Left, Right, Left, Right.... Sir, Yes Sir! Peyton turned 4 on Dec. 11 and we had a big camo party! Wear your camo and bring your ammo! He is fascinated with army men right now! He is so cute! Peyton always gets ripped off because his birthday is so close to Christmas. So this year we partied military style! He has every tank, helicopter, jet, army man, gun, etc. you can find at ToysRUs. Watch out! It's taken 4 hrs., but I learned how to post a picture. Lisa, are you proud of me? (It's in the wrong spot!)


fkkrodz15 said...

Computer savvy you are!!! You have come a long way baby be proud!!!!
Love your blog great pictures keep up the great work!!

Tell Peyton Happy B-Day! And I almost missed him because he was so camouflaged!! He blended in his surroundings I know army would like to know his secrets!!

Your are a blessed family Thanks to God for beautiful families structures like yours!!!!!

4roses said...

Peyton is looking great and he is smart too he wants to be an ARMY man not a Marine

cmiller2288 said...

OH MY, what a cute B.D. boy he was!! Sorry I missed the fun party!! I can't believe Peyton is already 4 years time flies!! Love, MiMi